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Welcome to the Town of Limerick, ME
Welcome to the Town of Limerick, ME
Limerick, ME Tax Year 2009 Property Data Search
Ownership and Assessment data as of: April 1st, 2009


Street Number
Street Name


Note to Users: The Assessors' database is available on-line as a public service and is NOT the official record. The information here is as it was on April 1st, 2009. This information should not be relied upon for real estate transactions without further verification.

Owner Name field begins with Last Name first ie: Smith, James
Fiscal year: Jan 1 to Dec.31 Commitment date: Sept. 1 Taxes due by: Oct 31

Exemption Codes
HS - Homestead Exemption H1 - Homestead Exemption H2 - Homestead Exemption FL - Farmland & Open Space
FO - Fraternal Organization RC - Rectory V - Veteran VW - Veteran's Widow
CO - Charitable Organization BL - Blind CH - Church RD - Road
MU - Municipal Owned ST - State Owned TA - Tax Acquired  
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